Window Tint Los Angeles

Semi-tinted windows allowing people to still see the inside and outside environment of the establishment
Are you constantly battling with the idea that your house window tints are weak or dated? Most residential window films are light and have Polyethylene terephthalate material. Tinting home windows with high-quality window tint in Los Angeles is one of the easiest ways to boost energy efficiency. Keep reading to learn how our different types of window tint in Los Angeles will upscale the home’s outlook and offer better practicality. What percent tint is legal in California? The law has a definitive value for car tints, as stated below.

Why choose our window tints

Cool temperatures

Home window tints in LA block at least half of summer’s heat. They can reduce heat by up to thirty percent, which is a good result in comparison to expensive alternatives like low emissivity or triple-pane models

Better look

Window tints have a tone that reduces glare during high heat seasons like summer. What is the darkest legal tint in California? A seventy percent non-reflective tint is the minimum allowable value for the front shield.


Darker window tint in Los Angeles dim light and inhibit unwanted stares from the neighborhood. You can keep the curtain open to enjoy a daylight view and still feel safe from prying eyes.
Window tints reduce the possibility of a window shatter during a burglary attack. The intruder will have to tear through a tightly installed window tint. This condition means you are also safer during a mild storm accident.

Furniture protection

Window tinting protects the inside of your home from damage by UV rays. They are especially helpful if you have dark furniture or live on the southern side of North America. The tint elongates the life of your furniture and therefore maintains the property value for a beneficial resale.
The most common window tints have the sole purpose of reducing sunlight and glare. There is, however, a spectrum of shades that optimize other functions better than the clear window tint in Los Angeles. Here is what you can get from shopping on Darvin Blinds.

Solar films

This film blocks sun heat and sun rays to keep the home comfortable. The International Window Film Association recommends this type when you want a higher absorption of heat to reduce thermal stress. Our technician will access the environmental condition of your home to determine if the house does not qualify for Los Angeles window tinting due to the following conditions:
  • Clear annealed glass with a thickness that exceeds ⅜ inches
  • Tinted annealed glass with a depth of more than ¼ inches
  • An insulated glass that has a service of more than ten years or seal failures

Decorative film

This type is usually thin because its primary purpose is to change the aesthetic of the window. It is a cheap form of changing the lighting indoors without replacing the window film.

Security film

Several tint options contribute to the security of the home. Impact Resistant Glass holds the glass together and prevents a spray of debris. Tampered Insulated Glass is convenient when you want a tough window film, which will have minimal injuries during a break-in.

What is the price of tinting house windows?

Window tinting requires minimal tools in comparison to other window projects. A professional would charge approximately $7/sf. Most Americans pay a total of only $600 for all window tinting in Los Angeles. Contact us for free estimates for both office or home décor.



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